Atibuye Emasisweni is a non-profit foundation that uses football as a tool to develop life skills, promote social change, and advance our national football program.

atibuye emasisweni foundation

Atibuye Emasisweni is a fully registered football talent identification and development initiative in Eswatini. Our mission is to lay a solid, world-class foundation to improve all aspects of football in Eswatini, and our vision is to see Eswatini represented at the Fifa World Cup in the next 20 years. We strive to ensure discipline, integrity and professionalism at all levels from our stakeholders, (kids, schools, coaches and partners).

Get Involved

Join us in unearthing and empowering young football talent in Eswatini.
Donate, Advocate, Partner, Volunteer, Fundraise or Connect with us to create a brighter future for our country.

  • Donate

    Help us provide access to high-quality football coaching and training for young people in underserved communities

  • Advocate

    Help us spread the word about the importance of sports-based youth development and its impact on young people’s lives.

  • Partner

    Working together, we can create long-term initiatives that meet each community’s youth-development needs and provide safe environments where kids can grow and thrive.

  • Fundraise

    Organize a fundraising event in your community to help us expand our programs and reach more young people across the country.

  • Connect

    Follow us on social media and share our message with your network to help us raise awareness.